Thursday 27 March 2014

New Projects and Tours!


March is almost over! How'd that happen?! This lucky girl got to begin 2014 in Australia. Fascinating country! Definitely want to go back and explore more sometime....

I've been busy writing, learning Gaidhlig, and seeing some amazing, inspiring theatre. Managed to catch NTS's mind-blowing production of David Greig's 'The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart' last weekend. Loved it so much on Friday, I took my Dad back to see it on the Saturday. Just loved it. Came away thinking in verse and moved by thoughts of love and ballads and this great country :-) Pals Annie Grace and Aly Macrae were on their finest form!

I've also been lucky enough to see The Lyceum's production of UNION twice - and what an inspiring, ambitious, rowdy, colourful night of theatre it is! A beautifully poetic rendering of the events of 1707 which led to the Scottish parliament voting itself out of existence. Heartening and bolstering to see this enthralling, important, and under-taught period in our history brought to life by one of our most exciting new playwrights, Tim Barrow. Hooray for The Lyceum Theatre and Mark Thomson for this epic production. I'm gaun agin on Saturday with the whole family! Do check it oot :-)

2014 is starting to heat up for Stoirm Òg :-) We've just received news from Creative Scotland that we're being awarded funding to develop our next project - a new play set in Scotland's North East. Stay tuned for more news!

There's an addition to the Stoirm Òg team! Claire Brogan is joining us as our Producer and Development Officer. I'm really excited to work with her and Aiyana as we plough ahead with various projects in 2014. More details on Claire to follow. She's ace :-)

We're busy planning another tour of THE IDIOT AT THE WALL. This is scheduled for January - April 2015, and we'll be taking in venues across the UK and Ireland. If you're interested in booking the show, drop us a line at

Finally, it gives me great pleasure to present to you our beautiful new trailer for THE IDIOT AT THE WALL. Filmed and edited by exciting Edinburgh film-maker Robbie Jones. Click HERE !! Thanks Robbie xxx

I have one more piece of news which I can't tell you quuuuiiiiite yet....but soon!

Slàinte mhòr, agus a-maireach gun smal,

Ealasaid xo