Thank You

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A big Thank You to all of the following, without whom this very first tour of 'The Idiot at the Wall' would not have been possible:

Our Partners:

Creative Scotland
The Touring Network
North East Arts Touring
The Beacon Arts Centre

Our Sponsors

The Edinburgh Makars
Camira Fabrics
The Stephen Joseph Theatre
The Brunton Theatre

Our Donors

Catriona Rubenis Stevens
Jane Stein
Jeff Nash
Noah Glick
Mark Nixon
Paul Stevens
Diarmid Mogg
John Grimaldi
James Hunter
Claire McGuiness
Alison Lang
Mo Fowokan
Laura MacDonald
David Gaston
John Hawthorne Smith
Peter Dempsie
Simon Eilbeck
Claire Timmins
Etienne Duval
Marsalie Turner
Robert Wyeth
Gavin and Anne Macrae Gibson
Lorna Lythgoe
Patrick Deane
Robert Arnott
Susan Mansfield
Ismay Duval
Dr. Kate Dawson
Chris Eilbeck
Edith Kellas
Begw Jones
Noel O'Regan
David Shaw
Joyce Booker
Colin Irvine
Dana Pelevine
Janet Foster
Dr. Halina Anderson
Nicola Close-Smith
The Rev. Ruaraidh Macleod
Katherine Eilbeck
Emma Clarkson
Dan Hunt
Colin O'Hara
Sam Paterson
Christophe Duval
Sergio Mori
Jill Dugal
Ruth Turner
Catherine Grant
Anthony Poulter
Claire Gordon
Dunfermline Gaelic Playgroup
Drew Wright
Roderick Turner
Morven Lynne Christie
Alastair and Irene Blair
Rona MacKinnonon
John and Jo Barrow
Hisame Iwase
Sarah Reutlinger
Chris Dracup
Jennifer Dick
Corman O'Leary
Jane Ross
Murdo Turner Sr.
Willie John Turner
Jean Roger
Patricia Macrae
Anne Fettis
Ian Macdonald

Special Thanks To

Allan and Jean Turner
Ruth Turner
Jo and John Barrow
Ismay Duval
Joseph Wright
Maisie Bruce
Vanessa Ling and David Slator
Jan Barrow
Monika Pfeiler

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