Thursday 6 August 2015

SpectreTown hits the Fringe!

Greetings from the Edinburgh Fringe, where SpectreTown had its first preview today at Assembly Hall - woop! A smooth (ish!) get-in, and a lovely first audience - we're very happy :-) Remember we've got some 2-for-1 shows coming up - so grab a pal and come on down!

It's been a belter of a week! Last Friday we had the first of two preview performances at Cumbernauld Theatre. The place was packed both nights, and the people of Cumbernauld loved the show, which was wonderful to hear. One audience member dropped the theatre a line after it...

'My friend and I came to this evening's performance of 'Spectretown' and I felt I just had to write and let the actors, musician and supporting company know how much we enjoyed the experience.

The acting was superb (how the cast remember all the dialogue, and their stage positions, I don't know!), the setting etc. was perfect, the scene and staging atmospheric, the musician invaluable, the acting superb and the story itself intriguing. The whole play was innovative and very cleverly staged and we were riveted all the way through, to the extent that we were sorry when it finished.

Thank you to all involved, and to the Theatre for bringing this production to Cumbernauld.'

We've had some lovely preview pieces come out this past week about the show, too. Gareth Vile published an interview with Elspeth on the writing / dramaturgy of SpectreTown - check it out here - a great insight into the creation of the play. In the North East, the Press and Journal geared up for our visit there in September with a lovely interview with Elspeth, and fellow actor Bridget McCann. And on Monday The Skinny published a really insightful interview with Elspeth on Stoirm Òg's journey so far - read it here! Oh, and the lovely folks at The Scots Language Centre published a piece on the play too - a great read :-)

Right, enough bletherin' fae us! Time to get some kip ahead of tomorrow's second preview - hope to see you all at Assembly over the coming weeks!

Stoirm Òg xxx