Tuesday 15 May 2012

E minor?! Are you mad??

In Saturday's rehearsal we had the pleasure of working with amazing musicians Murdo Turner (aka big bruv) and Tim du Feu. Tim of the fire!! They've been teaching us Gaelic working songs....milking songs, waulking songs, churning songs....loads of lovely music. See pics below, of the cast learning some Puirt a beul - which is Gaelic for 'mouth music' - great for dancing to!! Also, see us rehearsing a scene....

Below: Tim du Feu on the fiddle....playwright makes good music stand

Can't wait to get dancin'!

"We thought the war was over....but it seems the enemy is still at large..." Mr. Rathbone (Tim Barrow) is no match for these Hebridean women.....



Building in progress

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