Tuesday 9 July 2013

Loads of News!!

It's been AGES since I had time to write.....but here we are in July!! Thank you Universe, for the sunshine!

We've had an amazing month! We've been meeting some brilliant actors for the role of John in 'The Idiot at the Wall' - watch this space :-)

We raised almost 2700 pounds in a hugely successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign - thank you SO much to all who have been supporting us, and spreading the word!

Also, we're thrilled to have found one of the final pieces of the puzzle.....our Touring Production Manager! We are going to be joined on this tour by the very lovely Susan Martin - more details on her to follow. She's ace! Welcome Susan!

Finally, I'm about to tell you all about where we're launching the tour....and VERY excited we are, too.....

Stoirm Òg xxx

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