Tuesday 20 August 2013

Moran Taing, Alba Chruthachail

Thank you!!

We have been awarded funding from Creative Scotland for our tour of The Idiot at the Wall and we're so delighted! As we have to forgo a newsletter this month in order to make way for an AWESOME E-invite to our tour dates (WOOP!), we won't have the opportunity to make a heartfelt thank you as we usually would, in a letter to all of our followers and supporters! However, we really want to express what a huge difference this makes to us: not only in terms of much-needed financial support, but also because of the weight carried by a vote of confidence from another supporter. It means a lot. An aspirational spirit can carry you a long way - and then you need serious backing. We're so thankful to be getting it from our National funding body. Thanks, Creative Scotland and The National Lottery, for helping us reach some of the farthest-flung corners of our much-loved country on this tour. And thanks, especially, to Brian Ó hEadhra, who has been guiding us since the start, and our funding officer Nicola Hislop.

Elspeth and Aiyana
Stoirm Òg

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