Tuesday 2 June 2015

Look who's making our beautiful score for SPECTRETOWN...

We've been working with the lovely Matt Regan since summer 2014 - exploring bothy ballads with our own voices :-) Not only is he extremely gifted as a musician, writer, performer and teacher, but he's also possessed of a gorgeous, compassionate, creative soul. Come see SpectreTown and let him carry you through some trippy, luscious places with his music :-)

A wee bit more about Matt and his work...

Matt Regan is a freelance musician/writer living in Glasgow. He creates his own music, makes music for performances and teaches. He facilitates drumming, singing, and music workshops in communities, hospitals and prisons across Scotland. He was nominated for a CATs Award for his work for Theology, awarded young innovators funding for Swim Team and was part of Enormous Yes' Platform 18 Award at The Arches. His own work is under the name 'Little King' which involves spoken word, poetry, and song performed with a string quartet. More information found at www.reganmatt.com  

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