Sunday 22 September 2013

Hello from Clashnessie!!

It's been ages since I wrote, because we've been out even FURTHER into the wilds of the Highlands! We arrived this evening at the house of Vanessa and David - two wonderful and lovely friends of my mum's, who have created an idyllic paradise near Clashnessie. We're staying with them for two nights while we do a show in Lochinver tomorrow night. We were greeted with wine, beer, Lamb and Prune Tagine, Veggie Tagine, and a phenomenal dessert!! Happy happy Idiots. Thanks so much Vanessa and David. Lochinver - see you tomorrow!

Since last I wrote, we've done four shows! Aros Centre on Skye, Applecross Village Hall, Berneray Community Hall, and An Lanntair in Stornoway. I've got LOADS to say on each, so look out for separate blogs for tales of 70s Guesthouses and Ukranian land-ladies, treacherous mountain passes, ceilidhs in blackhouses, excellent seafood, stags roaming around our vans, sheep napping in the road, and the most wonderful audiences!!

We've had an amazing journey so far. This is an amazing group of people. Every morning we get in vans, drive several hours straight to another venue, unload the set and equipment, then Susan and Aiyana work tirelessly to make the set work in whatever space we're in, while the actors go have a wee break. Then we do the show - every night so different - pack up, load out, go to bed, and repeat! This can only be done with incredible patience, generosity, and mountains of passion for telling stories....all of which this group has in abundance. So honoured to be on the road with them. A wee tid-bit from Berneray ahead of a longer the end of the show, the lights went dark and nobody - I mean, nobody - breathed/moved for the longest time. It was as if the outside world didn't exist. We were all - the audience, the players, the crew, utterly connected in the unfolding magic. Then we did a few curtain calls. None of us will ever forget that night!!

Off to bed....more soon...

Oh wait!! Vanessa just produced a bully beef tin from the 1st World War, that had been hidden in the wall of the house in 1951. It had belonged to a Mr. Mackenzie, who once lived here, and had fought in the War. We just passed it around. Holding history in our hands....AND the family in the play are Mackenzies!! Synchronicity rules.

Night night xxx

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