Wednesday 16 October 2013

Thank You for sponsoring the making of our set!

Having had a chance to draw breath after our incredible Scottish tour of 'The Idiot at the Wall', we'd like to issue a huge THANK YOU to two very important supporters of the show.

CAMIRA FABRICS very generously donated a MULTITUDE of beautiful felt, which the wonderfully gifted designer JAN BEE BROWN then cut into what became our seaweed. Those of you who have seen the show know how much seaweed there was everywhere...escaping from jackets and chests and all a big thank you for helping us to create that.

A big thank you also, to THE STEPHEN JOSEPH THEATRE in Scarborough, for your help with carpentry - it made such a huge difference for Jan Bee to have that sort of support, and we truly appreciate it.

Thank you, both, for supporting Jan and us in making the production something which was not only stunning to look at, but also tourable. It all worked so well. Images to follow!

Elspeth xo

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